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Entry #9

First album release coming soon!

2009-06-15 16:47:38 by Psy-nigma

The only thing left to do is decide between 2 tracks for the final cut. and finishing the back and inside cover art.

I am also taking this one step further and in the process of sending this cd as a demo to some record lables and getting it printed professionally.

The second Album release will be coming later this year and with many of my more recent tracks. half the tracks are done for it and most are in different stages of completing.

I have also done music for videogames those are available upon request and email address along with other tracks that I have cut from the albums.

some tracks from the first album and second are here on newgrounds from different stages of their creation:

1st Album {Hinderance to Actuality} 17 tracks:
Dervishing Slopes: (older version)
Kayner Weave: (complete)
Phaychu: (older version)
Iota Chloe: (older version)
Fluttering Chimera: (older version)
Wanning Sun: (complete)
Moon Casting Rays: (older version)
Geno's Underwood: (older version)
Shattered Flakes: (older version)
Caressed: (complete)

2nd Album {Aberrant Twilight} 17 tracks:
Don't Fall Again (older version)
Sunday Aleve (older version)
Gateway of the Void (older version)

Download the tracks now! after the release of the album most will be taken down.

First album release coming soon!


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2009-06-18 17:48:04

You really seem like a devoted music artist and i love your work!
Hope more of it is comming up!