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Psy-nigma and May

2009-05-06 01:15:41 by Psy-nigma

Hey There,
Its been a while since I have been on NG.

Right now I am in the process of becoming a PC flstudio music teacher,
I have also been working on some new sample tracks sharpening my overall skills and perfecting the use of the basic vsts inside the program.

It is officially summer for me now so I will be spending time learning how to use ableton and cubase and most of all the bass guitar in my freetime.

more to expect from me is that I should have music appearing in a flash game very soon just have to send the songs.

And I also just finished a PC futuristic racing game soundtrack for a video game that a group of college game developers spent a semester creating.

As for personal music projects I will be posting unfinished tracks on newgrounds now seeing that it is my goal to come out with an album by 2010.

My other goal is to find a stepfile artist to step a song of mine for flash flash revolution.

thanx for visiting and feel free to contact me.

p.s. listen to Zero G Lab my new WIP, this is a sample of what I can do in a few hours. I will let you know when I update and finish this track. but for now its cool as it is.


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2009-05-17 08:38:59

Good luck to you man! It's awesome to know people out there have a passion for music as well as gaming. And you've got plenty of skill to wrap up a song in just a few hours and make it still sound close to completion. A lot of great songs from you most definitely! Keep it up!