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A day after my birthday!

2009-03-11 11:52:10 by Psy-nigma

Last month I didn't reach most of my goals but this month will be better.

Whats better?:
I'm 21 {woot}
I won the virus wars on my com {dam lasass and crack site}
have collabs started
Most of my college work is done

What are the plans this month?:
Learning Cubase
Practice using recorded sounds
maybe finish a couple of the many song projects I have
{ I have so many right now and some are becoming excellent tracks }

If you want to collab or get sneak peaks of my music or if you just want to talk or learn how to use programs hit me up!

Email =
Aim = kaielsz
or pm me.


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2009-03-12 08:16:09

Nice to see you back dude , Gratz for your birthday , and also for your work ;)
Anyway, good luck for your next moves this month ;)