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Feb 1st

2009-02-01 19:03:18 by Psy-nigma

Hello everyone,

its a new month and that means new plans:

songs to be worked on:

turning tides
gateway of voids
going postal
its going to be ok
and various collabs.

What else is new:

School has been starting to become crazy. that means less time to spend on projects. along with school i work at 3 different schools as a teacher keeping me busy busy. My plans for recording bass and vocals will become soon after i find where i packed my lyrics when i moved.

Artists of the month:

Bluetech - pheonix rising (first cd i bought this year and it has been an inspiration to my work)
Portishead - (amazing how she can make downtempo music with a orchestra)


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2009-02-01 19:11:58

Good luck.

Psy-nigma responds:

Thanx and may the the best of luck come to you too.


2009-02-11 08:17:56

aight dude , ull get throught it XD u got my support

Psy-nigma responds:

Awesome, Thanx!


2009-02-14 16:28:35

You're a teacher? That's pretty awesome. So what do you teach anyways? And definitely good luck for your future projects! Also... I was wondering, do you know of any good electronic music albums out there? I really wanna get into that kind of stuff and avoid the common sound of music. Know what I'm saying dude?! Lol.

Psy-nigma responds:

Elementary Teacher; I teach kidshow to work hard and above all have fun! But I also teach how to use music programs here too. Yes log in to Aim sometime and contact me ( Kaielsz ) I have been studying music in the electronica genre since the mid 90's and can totally hook you with awesome artists to listen too and be inspired by.


2009-02-16 22:38:36

I'm surpried that you have spare time to put up some of your amazing music on Newgrounds.