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New years Resolution

2008-12-21 03:04:33 by Psy-nigma

These next few weeks I will be doin lots of traveling across the east coast...

Anyhow I figured mine as well make a statement for the New Years Resolution.

This year I plan to finalize my best songs and work on more collab projects. My goal is to work on getting my style more recognizable in my music and to help others learn to develop their own. With all that said I also would really like to publish my first purchasable album before the end of the year.

I already performed my end of the year ritual of remixing in one night, my song "The Beginning".

Take a listen and enjoy!
Have a great Holiday Vacation and New Years!


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2008-12-27 16:01:47

So like... you got rid of Lucid Left Eye...!?

Psy-nigma responds:

Its taking a break it will be coming back all refurbished. Its all part of the NEW Year resolution.


2009-01-04 18:40:59

I never make them, because i never follow them. :P

Psy-nigma responds:

yeah i usually make sure they aren't to hard for me to accomplish lol