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Hello There! Originally from New Jersey I spend most of my time going to college in Vermont and composing music. Currently have two albums in production and lots of experience using the music programs FLstudio, Ableton, and Cubase. Email me for a collab

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Its that time of year...

Posted by Psy-nigma - December 8th, 2008

When school work is in overload.

I would like to thank the Newgrounds community. Lately I have been getting lots of positive feedback about my music and gratitude from my reviews.

I just wanted to say that during this month and january I will be putting up my older music from between 7-4 years ago when I first started. This music predates my knowledge of Fl studio, ableton, reason and cubase. at the time i only knew about Acid, Ejay, MTV music generator, and Audacity. I also will be willing to share some of my music through emails and messenger clients. Today I was looking through my folder of all my tracks finished and unfinished and it was a whopping 2.2 gigs large.

I will also be testing out new vsti's this month. My goal is to re engineer my sound studio on my computer so that all my programs are connected through rewire and the best of all of them are at my disposal for making music. Meaning if you have Vsti's that are awesome let me know.

I will also help other users out in making there sound studios as I work on mine as well.


p.s.=== currently Shattered Flakes is being judged at Overclocked remix. Wish me luck and take a listen. one of my goals in life is to have one track make it to the OC.


*wishes you luck* :D

Thank You! Its very much appreciated.

See you around!

I wish you luck as well =D

Thankx I appreciate it!

Good luck on oc! By the way, you a mac or pc guy? Im a bit both, that is, my personal is a vista, but my dads work and home studios are mac, which are great for rewire, EG:
Pro tools
/rewire| rewire\
Reason-FL studio-Cubase
Havent had a chance to work with rewire on a pc.

PC person, I am still in the learning process of reason sonar ableton and cubase. i have most of reason's VST's and Cakewalks Inside fl studio. Ableton I use for audio editing and mastering when it comes to working with multiple sound clips now that I am not so fond of using acid anymore.

I Have a good amount of Knowledge in Fl Studio, Acid, Ejay, And a couple other smaller programs. The rewire I am still working on getting all my files organized properly to work effectively inside the multiple programs so that i am not always searching around for stuff.

I am a little jealous of your dad since I enjoy the sound engineering side of music more then the creation of a complete song.