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Hello There! Originally from New Jersey I spend most of my time going to college in Vermont and composing music. Currently have two albums in production and lots of experience using the music programs FLstudio, Ableton, and Cubase. Email me for a collab

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I am finally here!

Posted by Psy-nigma - October 30th, 2008

Wow I have been on this sight for a long time and have never posted anything except my own music. But tonight I have changed all of that. If it is one thing I've learned no one will listen to the guy if he is only concerned about himself. Starting tonight I will be going through many of the audio submissions on this sight posting constructive criticism and the highlights I enjoyed about all the artists. My goal is to be more known throughout newgrounds and have people return the feedback of what they enjoyed and hated about my music.

I use mainly fl studio these days. although I do plan to learn ableton and reason. I have yet to find myself the patience to learn a new program to its fullest even though I really want to branch out.

I also wanted to post while I am on a tangent here that I don't post my projects on newgrounds only completed or compositions that I want final reviews and thoughts on. My goal is to use the feedback to make either a remix of my own piece or the small adjustments needed. In the same scenario I feel a little degraded when I listen to projects that don't feel finished unless you warn me and want help or feedback.

I also am more then happy to share my music with everyone and let them remix or sample my work as long as I am asked prior. I am even willing to help you out and support you with my 3GB folder of projects I have sitting on my hard drive. I love composing music as a hobby and anytime if you feel the urge to work on a project together let me know.

currently I am working on finishing my 2nd album, assembling my 3rd album, and starting my 4th one.

# title condition music style

1st - Undiscovered Genesis - finished: various genres, earlier music

2nd - Aberrant Twilight - cover art needed and 2 tracks being finished: Mostly IDM and ambient

3rd - Embrionic lapses - tracks still being finalized and song order: Trance, Industrial, IDM

4th - Quadrasector - Few tracks made: IDM

they are all free at this point in time and if your interested in track lists and copies of the cd's let me know and I will get back to you.

I am finally here!


Hi its me. I hate to say I suck but I do and I need your halp. U said to contact u for help so plz teach me like u say u can!
Ty very much
(the noob u left the thing with